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  • About this Page

    About the name.

    Like many things, people talk about shit when they’re doing something they hate. Back when I played WoW, raiding was the main focus of my ire. Nothing, nothing beats fucking doing nothing in a video game. Seriously, it’s the only video game that brings wasting time to a whole higher plane of losertude. Anyway, we were going through the list of things to say to get out of raids, and of course the “brb my cat is on fire” came up since it is a classic. It also makes kind of a catchy name in a trollish craptasic sea of blogs.

    So about me (Cibo/seebo).

    I’m fucking unemployed due to this recession for one. And life is awesome for a Political Science BA that failed both the GMAT and LSAT while having a high GPA looking for a graduate/professional program. LULZ I’M GOING TO BIZ SKOOL IN ENGLAND MOTHER FUCKERS.

    But, besides the normal cursing of my existence, God, Sunrise, Celtics, what I’m pissed about that day, I’m a pretty easy going guy.

    It’s not hard to keep me happy, much less getting me to shut the fuck up when I’m talking about random shit. As such, I’m going to make it a mission to talk about shit that entertains me and hopefully you.

    Scritty, we love Scritty

    Because I figured I would have a hard doing all the updates by myself on any sort of regular schedule, I asked for some help from my bud who I played WoW with. The loveable New Zealander Scritty, who will rape you in your sleep and shank you afterwards. His accent is oh so sexy, and I seethe with jealousy over it.

    So you sound like a big loser, what will this do for MEH?

    Well for one, no tl;dr in this About Me Page mother fucker because I’m so consumer market oriented that I’ll bullet point my topics yo.

    • Anime – I watch it a lot and will blog a series sometimes.
    • Basketball -Lakers mostly since Celtics and Cavs can kiss my ass.
    • Video Games – Seeing as I’ve more or less devolved into basically playing only Street Fight HD Remix and SF4, probably won’t see too much here. I still got a Fallout 3 I’ve barely touched.
    • Business/economics/Politics – I’ve studied these topics in depth in addition to buying stocks since I was in high school. When I feel like reading the Economist, LA Times or Yahoo Finance, I’ll discuss anything that I found interesting. Not in a way that brings out the retard debates which is why I stayed very, very far away from domestic politics and instead focused on blowing stuff up with Nukes.
    • Whatever I’m learning. This can range from art,  business strategy, to web design (HAI GUIS!), etc. Usually this will be of great lols since I end up getting stuck on something for like 5 hours and then go into a epic rant.
    • Random shit I just decide to write about. The BLACKBOX if you will.


    If you actually give a shit about my dumbass self and you have twitter, you can add me at brbcatonfire. Don’t expect too much. If anything important happens, I’d just write a post.


    Party On bro