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  • One more week

    Posted on April 24th, 2010 Cibo 2 comments

    Ok, my break was shit, again. I’ve to spend almost the whole month reading all the course materials because I couldn’t find time during the quarter seeing as I had to cover most of my team’s shitty work. I really didn’t do much reading last quarter. This means I now had to make up for it by reading 4 classes worth of shit which is kind of a a fuck load, (I think one book alone was 500 pages). I average around 70-100 pages a day so times that by like 3 weeks and do the math.


    Pretty much how I study.

    I’m taking a break from studying today since I need to rest up for Monday when finals start. Even though I should be just relaxing, I wanted to write a quick post, especially because I wanted to talk about Mt. can’t spell that shit.

    Now, as I have mentioned in my previous post, my classmates are spoiled rich kids. This means that while I stayed in London reading everything in my apartment by myself, and my only human interaction was when I would go down to the gym with my friend 3 times a week, those guys were like “LULZ I’M GOING TO ON A SKI TRIP” or heading back to their home country to fuck around. But then Mt Eyasdsanhdaslf;soigfj comes along and shits all over them.

    As people know, last week there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland which caused all the European airports to shut down. Because finals is this coming Monday, people were shitting bricks since they knew wouldn’t make it back in time. Given that a good half of my class was stranded, and some still are, there was much lulz to be had when they spammed the department staff’s emails.

    I had hoped the department would have just said “YOU ALL AUTOFAIL”, which given English schools, isn’t an unlikely scenario. But alas, they let them take the tests in Summer. And top of that, my dumbass loan providers didn’t send my loans checks before the volcano screwed up all the flights so I’ve basically been poor as shit the whole month. Well, more than usual.




    Anyway, this quarter we actually got to choose our team so my current one looks pretty good. I am quite happy since the other two had only 1 guy in each who wasn’t retarded. In this team, I have my annoying, but dependable banker, who calls me 8 to 10 times a day to ride my ass on projects.

    The dude would call me all the time between 11-4 AM and asking me “How’s the project going?”. He somewhat knew that I worked at night, however, he had kind of expected I  would have started working when i got home at 6PM. It’s  a reasonable assumption, but i usually took a nap to around 9 or 10 PM, played some video games, and browsed the internet. By the time I usually started working it would be around 12-2AM. This was kind rofl given that he was a person who was organized and worked with other people who were organized.

    Most of the conversations ended up like this:

    Banker on my ass: “Doctor Cibo, how goes the work”?

    Me: “Uh, good…”

    BOMA: “Really, where are you at?.”

    Me: “I just woke up and I’m bright eyed and bushy.”

    BOMA: “That’s good, that’s good. So, how far are in the project you?”

    Me: “Just turned on my computer”

    BOMA: “….”

    BOMA: “Please Cibo, I’m counting on you. I know that you know what you’re doing so PLEASE finish this by tomorrow”

    Me: “Alright laters”

    *Goes back to playing Final Fantasy 13, (which is quite good thank you. If people weren’t so easily influenced by groupthink, they’d see it’s a pretty good game . Especially since it is rather similar to FF 10)

    15 minutes later

    BOMA: “Doctor Cibo, how are you doing?”

    Me: “I’m super, thanks for asking.”

    BOMA: “Ok, you’re super, heh. How’s the work”?”

    Me: “I’m about to pwn the next boss.”

    BOMA: “+_=” “Cibo please, I need you to focus.”

    Me: “Will do.”

    *fucks around some more.

    This cycle repeats itself for like the next 2-3 hours every day. At a certain point, he goes to sleep or I just start lying to him. Whichever comes first.

    As much as I hate to admit it,  he got results out of me. I seriously finished a project a week early, which is something I’ve never done in my whole life. I told him I was very impressed, though I still wanted to kill him. He said the feeling was quite mutual.

    One thing I will say is that when he went back to Lebanon during break it was eerily quiet . My phone was so quiet that at at certain points I just looked at it. I did talk with him once during the break since he told me he was kind of fucked on his flight. But, he did somehow manage to get back to London when everyone else was stuck, which doesn’t surprise me given his ability to get shit done. I knew when he made it back because he immediately started blowing up my phone again like I was some easy girl on a Friday night.

    Anyway, while I’ve worked with two of the team members before – one being Mr. “Dude, you know you’ve called me more than all my friends and family combined have ever called me?” from my previous team, and the duke of Jordan who fixed my Xbox, I had my first meeting with the rest of the team today.

    Amazingly, they actually had done the reading for the study session. Seriously, they read that shit and were more prepared than I was. Granted, I ride deadlines like a champ so I planned it  so I would finish up studying the day before each of my classes, yet I was very impressed with their effort. I still had the’ “’Uh, have you guys thought about this, blah blah’, and everyone immediately writes down what I’m saying since they missed that’” thing a couple of times. But, I felt they actually understood what I was saying for once. Not that bad given past comparisons.

    I do know that both the Duke of Xbox and BOMA, are going to get on my ass the next quarter with their deadlines and constant calling about wtf I’m doing. But, overall I’m quite happy since they’re at least not retarded.

    And in other news, I’m also rather pleased that Marvel Vs Capcom is getting a sequel. I get the feeling that the US office is pushing a lot of the current product releases since one of the dudes there is a huge street fighter fan and part of the Street Fighter clique. But yeah, I’m looking forward to the next rendition of noobs crying about the overpowered characters who are raping their toons in the place they poop from.



    Last note before I go watch K-On season 2; I have managed to get nearly all the Indians, Pakistanis, and Eastern Europeans in my program to use “dude” and “awesome”. It is indeed a wonder to behold.

    la revolution

    Viva la dude revolution!



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    1. i lol’d at the conversation with BOMA

    2. Think of it the positive way (again, my style):-1. Let us know how “nice” our piloce are.2. Let the government knows that they need to spend more budget on physical training for the piloce. They are WEAK!3. This is a good riot training exercise for all the piloce, from the CIPs who do the planning to the front line officers. I rather have them going through this type of real training rather than spending the tax money to “model” the riot at training school.4. Expose who could be dropped out from the vendor list who provide those easy to break riot gears.5. This is a good experience for our younger generations: Freedom is not free; They are so lucky to be in HK, not as a farmer; See what “tough life” suppose to be, mommy boys!6. Think twice if you want to join HK Police Force, physically not fit, please do not apply.

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