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  • Good ‘ol HateSpiral.

    Posted on December 2nd, 2009 Scritty No comments

    There are points during the night where the mind wanders to strange places.

    Sometimes we desire to create. To carve rock from the sandy pits of riverside caves. To split flint into sharp edges and so divide our realities into things cut and uncut. We build upon what we build, from boneshaped axes to satellites, an inexorable path towards complexity. Spitting in the face on entropy. I want to go to the wilderness. I want to spear fish. I want to build a fire outside the mouth of a cave. Trek across the savannah. Carve a place to be under the stars. But instead I’m writing this on my computer. I just came back inside from the porch, where I’m reading an Erikson novel under the outside light. It’s 12:47am.

    So these are my pithy words. They probably read as very young. Very… trying-to-be-profound. Maybe too many people have wanted to stick this out there before. I never seem to share my really original ideas, probably because I’m afraid that those original concepts aren’t. It’s fucking hard to think of new shit, after all. How many times have philosophical concepts about society been hashed and rehashed? How arrogant to think I’m going to come up with something new about humanity. We don’t change that much, after all. We have the two classes: The Powerful, and The Weak.

    Seen some fun demonstrations of that over in NZ recently. (Yes, I’m going to spew bile about politics. Fuck you, it’s my party and I can whinge if I want to).

    What the Fuck is this? THIS is our PM? White, Rich, in a green leather chair? Good gods, he even LOOKS like a villain.

    What the Fuck is this? THIS is our PM? White, Rich, in a green leather chair? Good gods, he even LOOKS like a villain.

    So, the Rodney Hide commanded “Financial Taskforce”. who had Hide-assigned terms of reference, lead by the ex National Party leader and past Prime Ministerial aspirant (who got found out to be a lying, sect funded hate campaigner who thankfully lost the fucking election)  Don Brash, has recommended that the top earners in the country should get large tax cuts (from 38% to 30%, or a roughly 21% cut in tax). This will be funded by increasing Government Sales Tax, and a rise in tax for people on the bottom of the heap.

    What. The. Fuck.

    How the HELL does increasing the Suffering of the most vulnerable parts of our society help New Zealand? Since when does someone earning over 100,000 dollars need a tax cut more than someone supporting three kids on a 20,000 dollar a year job?! This sick, ignorant set of “recommendations” does nothing except make the gap between our poor and our rich even greater. Only someone with nothing but hate left in their power-grasping minds could ever consider such reprehensible actions indicative of anything but the worst kind of arrogance. The worst kinds of crimes.

    And yeah, it is a crime. Making the world a bit darker, a bit more horrible for people trying their best to scrape out a life, any life. You want to know why we have brutal violence? Why there are murders Every Damned Day? They have Nothing Else. Our lowest rungs of society are Raped and Raped and Raped and Raped by people in skyscrapers looking through windows that face away from the blood-and-vomit-filled neighbourhoods they’ve created because they’ve justified all their actions by saying someone else would be doing what they’re doing if they didn’t.

    Fuck Your World, Fuck Your Society. Fuck Your Hateful Actions and Fuck You.

    If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to drink some coffee, read a fucking book and try to not cry myself to sleep again.


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