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  • People make life difficult.

    Posted on November 12th, 2009 Cibo No comments

    Well, the first half of the term is almost over. The program is set up to blow through the basic business courses in two sets over 12 weeks to get things up to speed, and then moving onto the cool shit. Now, 2 out of 3 projects were fairly easy. But, my life has been made difficult by everyone needing to argue every minor fucking point, bitchy girl giving me crap for rewriting her shit accounting paper and wanting me to do her presentation now to get back at me, and finally, having to write a marketing plan when people don’t read the book or go to lectures, but are nevertheless motivated to add their input.


    What I felt like doing all week to some of them.

    But yeah, I finally finished the economics paper. I volunteered to do it since I didn’t want to dick around with group dynamics for shit I already know. It was one of the hardest papers I have ever wrote. It makes me mad since it was so stupid hard for its size. Only my game theory paper was as annoying which was like 25 pages. But, this paper had a London bus smashing a biker crippling 1250 word limit. “what? that’s shit, you fucking rant in the intros for more”. The paper was like “Ok, these seven macroeconomics variables here, tell me how they’ve worked in all 20th century recessions and how is it different for this one”.

    I seriously, wrote like 7 pages worth of shit just trying to answer the first half. Eventually, I had the writing innovation of bullet pointing everything. My team being unwilling to rock the boat when the boat was sinking, was like “OMG YOU CANT DO THAT IT’S DIFFERENT!!” They gave in when they began to notice the impossibility of writing an essay with  that prompt. Well, not before the bitchy girl blamed me for not having finished the paper sooner even though her fuck ups slowed me down. I’ll spare the details of the paper since economics is only cool when you apply it to non-economic things like sex, drug dealers, and nuclear war but I was damn impressed with myself.

    But, yeah I’m going to finish up my post I started earlier this week; so new content coming! Well, there’s always new content coming because stupid and/or crazy shit always happens to me.

    ~Cibo, misser of sleep.



    Update:  I just saw the video for the marketing campaign. Fuck I’m glad someone knows digital media because that shit was so pro. I was kind of worried they would go off strategy. But, they pretty much just used the marketing plan, which I had a big part in writing, as the script and mixed in some good visuals.

    Word count: 548


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