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  • It’s hard to maintain rage when you’re happy.

    Posted on September 13th, 2009 Scritty No comments

    Thankfully, London is a shithole.

    The steady, Orwellian decline of England’s citizen’s rights has been brutally fast of late. They took a leaf out of Bush’s book in terms of civil rights erosion under the pretext of “anti-terror”.

    Curious term, anti-terror. I’m more scared of oppressive governments that terrorists these days. They take your freedoms one by one by one, and all the time tell you they’re keeping you safe. Far less honest than your typical terrorist, who will just kill you.

    Seeing elected authorities act like this takes the mind to dark places.

    Constant stories about police in London (London! The police used to be called Bobbies, fer fucksake!) performing surprise searches, beating innocents, brutally dispersing legitimate protesters…. Doesn’t sound far off, oh, let’s say Mugabe’s reign in Zimbabwe in roughly 2007. When he was being more open about the massacres of people who didn’t do everything he said all the time.


    So. London’s not really on my desired travel destination list these days.



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