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  • Escape From LA

    Posted on August 20th, 2009 Cibo 1 comment

    Well, count-down one month and I’m fucking out of LA for business school in London. What better way to prepare by picking up the Street Fighter 4 Tournament Stick. I mean it’s only like 10 to 15 lbs and will probably cost like 30-40 bucks to ship but hey that’s ok. I can finally quit fucking up my focus attack dash cancel to ultra fireball; though it’s a Japanese style layout which has its own aggravations. And if you understood that, +5 KOOL KID POINTS!!

    I seriously must have owned or used every fucking shitty ass game peripheral from


    One of the things my school requires is that the students complete an online course before the Fall term starts and then take a test during first week of class. It would be a little bit messed up to go all the way to London, fail the test, and then go home right after. However, as strategic ambiguity would dictate, (which really just means not choosing an action one way or another), the school, by not saying anything; forces the other player, the students, to assume the worst case scenario, e.g. the test matters. As such, the students on the message board are freaking the fuck out like had their assholes prolapsed. But, what’s new about that?

    hide the pain

    I couldn’t even click on the prolapsed pics I saw since they were way too painful looking.

    I felt the school was BS’ing me because it’s not in the school’s interest to turn away students they just accepted. 1) Shows poor choice by the admissions committee; 2) leaves a bad review by the students; 3) AND MOST IMPORTANT, graduate/professional students pay for their FULL tuition.

    The UK being communist light, subsidizes the hell out of higher education. The tuition fees assessed for the undergraduate UK/EU students are even below that of the University of California’s and California State’s fees. Of course as usual with public funding, this leads to constant tensions between the government and schools for reimbursement on the difference in costs. In a tacit agreement, the two parties have more or less unofficially agreed to let the schools solicit themselves by allowing them to take in a bunch of foreigners and graduate students. Then, the schools give the gift of tuition fee surprise sex to fill their budget shortfall by charging egregious, appalling market rates that equal or beat out the price of many US schools. Though the simple solution of charging the full market rate for all undergraduate students would probably solve many of the universities’ problems given the demand for UK colleges is pretty decent worldwide, especially the top 5, neither party is willing to go that far due to their fear of capitalism, which has obviously failed American universities.

    College Rankings That and the American alumni aren’t stingy fucks when to comes to donations like the Europeans are.

    Anyway, I called up and got a hold of someone who I felt was less likely than not to lie to me, which is all you can really ask for with bureaucrats. Amazingly, the test doesn’t matter. Yet the people in charge of the message board are still letting the students suffer. While I am gleeful in watching others freak out, even the many who speak English as a second language (TEST!!! LAMB CURRY!!!! MEAT PIES!! ), I sometimes wonder what happens to all those annoying students who keep pestering the hell of everyone regardless of nationalities.

    Last week, I had lunch with my friend who teaches at a college. I asked her, if there was any change from her previously stated stance in regards to the rewards of teaching at college? She replied with a copious amount of f-bombs, some propitious use of bitch, and a smidgen of love, which was doused under a sea of loathing and spite for her fellow pupils. Yes, she replied with that level of passion and such word choice. She’s very similar to me in many ways.

    Anyway, she was telling me how every fucking student bitches and whines about their grades. The girls, much in line with their usual laziness and sense of entitlement, want to have the grade while doing jack shit for it.

    “I tried SOOO hard, can’t you like do something?”

    “I don’t even know who you are since you haven’t showed up to class for the whole quarter.”

    “Can’t you like give me some extra credit?”


    “Come on, can’t you like give me some of that participation credit?”

    “That does require participating in class. There’s still enough time to get participation credit if you read the materials and discuss them in class.”

    “But, I don’t like talking in class. Can’t I just do something else?”


    At this point, she swore she could see the girl cussing her out silently.

    The guys on the other hand, as previously known, all think of themselves as BIG DEALSs. They all believe they are going to law school or business school so they’re complete dicks about every non-A grade they receive. It’s not my fault, BRO!!

    “Hey, can’t you like do something for me with this grade?”

    “Like what?”


    “You turned in the paper late and you didn’t even show up on time for the mid-term.”


    I actually had an experience almost mirroring this first quarter. I had met with the Teacher’s Assistant for my first history class after the mid-term since I thought I got kind of screwed on the test.(Sadly, by history standards I failed since I didn’t quote exact days for battles fought over a period of 200 fucking years). I was second line, so I waited behind the guy who was arguing with the TA.


    “You did well, but you missed this here and here.”



    Anal destruction fist. Not part of the plan.

    The TA and I had to basically calm this douchebag man child down since he was in whiney bitch mood. I scored worse on the mid-term too and here I was trying to prevent the guy from bawling like he had his snatch sewed shut.

    In honor of Scritty watching Code Geass.

    Nevertheless, those are your standard low-level basic methods for getting a grade changed. Some are much more creative. They involve the police and non-disclosure agreements because they were in fact that awesome. I couldn’t even get a straight answer out of her because it would be a violation of the settled agreement.

    Trend spotting

    So this piece o’ shit blog has been around for like 6 months. Shockley, the blog is about to break 2,000 views; in context of the whole world, probably not that amazing. And because I express a strong disinterest in self-congratulatory behavior, I would like to instead point out some intriguing things I have noticed about the site.

    The top 2 search terms for finding this site are:

    1) Brb cat on fire

    2) Mariya hot (no, that is not a girl)

    Most viewed post is:

    Anime Expo 09, I can’t believe I’m still doing this

    I personally thought Reminiscing Time was my best

    My favorite terms for finding the site:

    • paint it’s photoshop for retards
    • fuck over my ex
    • fucking with dog animal anime
    • mark twain shirtless
    • press button receive bacon

    and my personal favorite

    • geneocite=lulz

    Someone made the effort to jack my 80’s wtf post. Why? I really have no idea.

    After in the end week, I completely got my hearing following and my fully is normal normal. With the uneaten be that as it may inimitable up to Anime Expo, as contrasted with of watching anime as plot would normally up, I opt a outlandish carry. With summer anime being woefully lacking, I definite to incorporate retro. I’ve been searching youtube through the extent of bygone faction toons like a charged faction jock looking through the extent of where it all went out of place as he bags my groceries.

    I’ll deplane to the Anime Expo in another place since I have a yen for to bar this plot up previous to starting another thesis, direct pegging but I inveterately ethical rap two or three topics into plot place.
    If you haven’t seen Bubblegum Crisis, do it NOW.
    Anyway, I started my search of bygone faction shows with the decade that in all likelihood has some of tucker from my on the comestible, the 90’s.
    Still revenant, direct pegging the riots, woot Go Lakers fans.

    Tiny Toons
    I drained charming much the uncut week watching bygone faction Xmen.
    Pinky And the Brain
    Even instant, I can pipe this at artisan mechanically. I didn’t direct pegging distinguish they made a 5th opportunity ripe. Makes atmosphere I wouldn’t distinguish since at that inapt I had stopped getting up in the morning and wouldn’t start getting up in the morning again harrow….

    Maybe I’m painting this is with a not quite nostalgia but that was a definitely legitimacy a possessions series. on no frustrate. They direct pegging had ethnic awareness in a kids arrive, chains that is prototypical.

    Then there’s the other fiddle-faddle like Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Rescue Rangers, etc.
    Then I benevolent of started looking encircling through the extent of some of the 80’s fiddle-faddle. Makes me recall how much TV I Euphemistic pre-owned to regard previous to I became a TV snob and just watched anime and “good” TV. Man, shit in the 80’s is like whoa..

    I think the dude ran it through a translator site and turned back into English or something. I’m sure the translators loved my heavy use of colloquialisms and sophisticated word choice. I bet the Brits will also love my fucking vocabulary too. IT CUTS BOTH WAYS FUCKERS!

    Oh and KyoAni has tried to redeem itself by putting up a bunch of haruhi stuff, including the much bemoaned Endless Eight as an apology. The website then proceeded to go down for server maintenance. It must be fun to make your living trolling people.

    Someday, Cibo, Someday



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    1. August 4, 2011 at 1:27 pmHey John,Thanks so much for your first comment here at the Skool of Life. I’ll delfeitniy be sure to check out what you’re up to. I guess uncertainty really is opportunity, but we’ve never been taught to look at it that way. My dad even says that everything happens for a reason. It’s funny because you can tie back things in your life and somehow you end up where you’re supposed to. Cheers to building your dream and thanks for being part of my journey. Reply

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