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  • The King is dead! And I’m still deaf.

    Posted on June 29th, 2009 Cibo 1 comment

    Well the king as died, not the one with the pasty skin, Mr. Potatohead nose and dangles babies among other things to them.

    Baby toss!11!


    No, our dear, sweet, infomercial sovereign has been done in. I’m guessing from head injury, good times. I feel for you buddy.

    Billy was like the annoying uncle who was always happy to see you. He was ultra enthusiastic about everything he sold. When he sold a product, it was like the dude was saying, “Hey, this is awesome, you should try it too”. Yes, he was raping me to the bank, but goddamn it, at least he did it with a sandpaper condom.


    RIP B-Man. See you, infomercial cowboy.


    So in other news, this week was complete utter shit. I taking way beyond my normal deviation from the mean here. See, I can handle some bad shit, hell I expect it. Getting lamely knocked over by a pit-bull, eh that’s nothing. My head acting up again, yeah ok, whatever. Going 60% deaf in my right ear with an ear infection and spreading into my left, alright starting to suck. Then fucking getting sick, dizzy, and can’t fucking tell what aliment is causing which symptom, now I’m getting pissed. Oh and my fucking car door was open all night so the interior lights bled the battery dry.

    Well gosh darn it, isn’t that just swell?


    You bettcha mister.

    To at least put a smile on my face there’s this. Kids lose their Summer. Well, it’s more like optional school which means I’d tell off the teacher and wouldn’t show up. I would be pretty bitchy since there’s no way I’m paying for someone else’s mistake just because they failed at math (Note: write a post about health care).

    I’m sure my tiff would be as awesome as that time I called out the (faux) vice admissions director girl and made her say she had no power over the admissions process for law applicants. Fuck, I wouldn’t even need to jump out of a window to ditch 6th period math to go drinking with my buds if the classes were optional.

    One thing I don’t understand is how those little shits can complain about being bored during Summer vacation with all the shit they have nowadays. I fucking stared at goddamn wall for like 3 hours because there was nothing to do when I was 6. But, that’s a story for another day.

    On that note, I leave you with an old show I hadn’t seen forever. I just fancied a view since I hadn’t seen it for years. I personally like it. But if you don’t like, hey that’s cool. It’s one of those nostalgic things.

    That’s pretty much me on the last day. Also, I’m still known to break out into song here and there.

    PS: Holy shit, the 80’s were ridiculously (bad)awesome with their power ballads. I never knew there were this many cartoons in the 80’s.

    I feel I can defeat the Soviet threat now,

    Fuck I should go dig up some Pinky and the Brain too.


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    1. “He should know that the houcsalot is one horrific lie”Really? So all the film evidence, the eyewitnesses, the buildings, the photographs and the mass graves are a put up job then? All the squaddies and grunts who found the camps were liars? The evidence presented at Nuremburg a massive fabrication? I don’t think so.I think David does tend to go off half cocked, but all the Jewish conspiracy stuff Harbinger just emitted reeks of the ‘protocols of the elders of zion’ and the rest of that crazy fake shit.David Icke, for all his faults and fancies does have a point. Get up or get out. I chose the latter. I’ve seen the machine from the inside and how easily it is assembled from ordinary everyday people ‘just doing their job’.

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