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  • Why do you hate me Jeebus?!

    Posted on June 14th, 2009 Cibo 2 comments

      What wonderful news indeeeed!!!

    Well, I just got screwed on my online final for my programming class. Maybe it’s partially my fault for putting my faith in Internet Explorer 7 instead of Foxfire when accessing the test page but it’s still bullshit. The timer fucked over my window and couldn’t get to the submit button. I saved a bunch of my answers and prayed that refreshing the window would work, it didn’t. Hopefully, the answers I saved went through and I can convince the instructor to just look at those. I’ve been on the “oh shit” bus before so I’m reasonably secure in my ability to steer it. 

    Welcome aboard the failbus!

    “Why’s there a second set of wheels?”

    “Because we can do mother fucking barrel rolls, stupid”

    Also fucking K-On! ends next week, which means that there is now only one show worth watching this Summer. And new Haruhi episodes are as inconsistent as my ability to have a fucking normal day where I don’t get dicked over.

    Mio crying is saadddd

    There there, you can go cry in your soup.

    Good times. Good fucking times.

    I’m going to go punch a wall.



    2 responses to “Why do you hate me Jeebus?!”

    1. Why would you ever use failnet failsplofailer you failure.

      GL with your failed exam and failed life.

      I’m riding a fucking scooter around the place and making sculptures.

    2. Im so going to bash your face in with your scooter.

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