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  • How to choke, aka NBA game 4 finals. And holy shit there’s a Gundam!

    Posted on June 11th, 2009 Cibo 2 comments


    Yeah, she’d shoot free throws better than Dwight Howard

    Well game 4 is over, the Magic choked and the Lakers won in OT. In a game where the grizzled veteran, considered too old to play, steps up and wins the game with 2 big shots. I have to say, I was out of my seat cheering when he sunk those 3’s. That shit was like a goddamn sports movie. ESPN’s announcers are even cliche enough to pull off the sports narrative too.

    fisher_buzzershot .

    However, I figure most people don’t share my enthusiasm for a sport that pays millions to people who put a ball in a hole. So I will quickly move on to the more important topic of the day.

    Japan has done awesomable.






    “Dad, one day can I pilot a Gundam?”

    “No, I’m totally calling shotgun”

    List of things to cut back on in a recession:

    1) Eating out

    2) Vacations

    3) Using too much electricity

    4) Buying expensive clothes


    While I think it’s absolutely awesome that someone stepped up and footed the bill to build a mech, it really doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s a nice PR stunt that will probably get it’s money back on press coverage. But, at the end of the day, we’re no closer to a world with badass mechs blowing the shit out of each other. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a world I want to live in.

    Sadly, this is no mistake. When allocating military spending, you have to look at how effective X is for the money spent. If 5 tanks are equal to 1 Gundam and 5 tanks cost less, than a Gundam is a wasteful expenditure. There is an argument to make that if you don’t spend money on research and development you won’t advance the technology, and in turn, bring down the costs of production.  I think there’s some truth to this. This comes down how much money are you willing to invest the future at the cost of the present. This isn’t just limited to militaries, it also extends into capital investment and even personal health choices. How much are you willing to defer in the present for a greater future benefit? In LA, uhh not much it seems.

    In the end, until mechs can stop nukes, it’s always easier to just build a few thousand nukes at a price much lower than any sort of conventional force. Nukes increase the costs of invading forces to the point any potential gains are nullified. Thus, dissuading the invading army from even initiating an attack. This holds true unless someone actually fucks up and launches a nuke. Then, everyone is shit out of luck.

    Because of this, I support non-nuclear proliferation for 2 reasons: 1) I don’t want the world to be blown up from a failure of deterrence; and 2) I want my fucking Gundam army.



    Btw, I’m still pro-nuking North Korea since that’s not so much deterrence as it is kicking the shit out of a little kid that’s been asking for it.



    2 responses to “How to choke, aka NBA game 4 finals. And holy shit there’s a Gundam!”

    1. so the 1/1 RX78 really was for the nuke def?

    2. In this case, I think it’s more because the Japanese want to be the ones to say,

      “ROFLZ WE HAVE A GUNDAM AND YOU DON’T”, than for any strategic purpose.

      In the case of the Gundam universe, the major powers had agreed to not use nukes or colony drops, therefore increasing the importance of mechs. And because the Gundam was soooo badass, it could easily beat the shit out of like a few thousand tanks, a handful of starships and a fuckton of Zaku for every one Gundam. With savings like those, you couldn’t afford not to make a Gundam!

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