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  • Do characters in comics have ages?

    Posted on May 30th, 2009 Scritty 2 comments

    Spotted this on Stallman.org today –


    Dude’s been arrested and convicted of, effectively, being a kiddy fiddler for owning some comics that apparently depict some kids being sexually abused.

    Oh man where those cartoons at dawg.

    Oh man where those cartoons at dawg.

    So this is fairly awesome.

    Dude’s an obsessive collector of all sorts of manga. His collection is massive, and includes a small amount of content that could be regarded as “questionable”.

    So, using a law that’s supposed to protect kids from kiddy fiddlers, he’s tossed into prison. Awesome.

    More will probably be thrown into prison. using laws like this. Remember Australia’s “Great Firewall Of Australia”? That one was accepted, too, because what politician would go against a project that blocks kiddy porn? And then of course the list of banned sites gets leaked, and it includes normal porn, dentists, tour operators…. there’s no controls in place, they’ve got utter power to block access to anything that criticises the govt, et al.

    Overused facepalm image here.

    Overused facepalm image here.

    Child Porn is the new terrorism. A cause that hardly anyone wants to be seen as in opposition to, that gets used to excuse flagrant abuse of rights – Now with added censorship!

    I’ll go about making my next post less whiny about the man, I guess.

    Fucking goverments, amirite?

    Stay resigned to constant abuse of everything you hold dear by “elected” officials



    Brought to you by the lovely strains of Joanna Newsom. Now playing “The Book of Right-On”, featuring the memorable line “I killed my dinner with karate”.


    2 responses to “Do characters in comics have ages?”

    1. Yeah, I read about that case. The lawyer must have been a real failure getting 15 years for his client’s a first time offense.

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