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  • The future is in the future.

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 Scritty 2 comments

    Well, just deleted a massive whiny post about how big bad politicians are making things suck for people that aren’t them.

    Because people in power always make things better for people in power, that’s just normal.

    So very splendid.

    So very splendid.

    And then I wrote a big post about this Prob 8 stuff, which I then deleted because it segues into why idiots shouldn’t have influence and runs back around into why we should cull the ignorant (or IQ based genocide), which is where the first post ran.

    This takes my mind off genocide.

    This takes my mind off genocide.

    The Lulz.

    So here’s a discussion on Lulz. Why we search for them, how they happen and all that good stuff.

    How they happen –

    This could also be caketown.

    Randomly. Like lightning, they rarely strike twice in one place. Lolcats, Sparta, pancake bunny, all good examples. One guy thinks up a funny picture, modifies something exetant, finds an odd juxtaposition of elements in a show, etc. They share it, the internets lulz, and a legend is born.

    …briefly. Lulz of moments past aren’t often reflected on. They’re “of the moment” things, passing like drunks in the early morning mist. And that’s the main reason they’re so loved. Because they’re not in your face over and over, they don’t get shoved at you time and time again to sell something. There’s no commercial taint on the things. Innocent or not, they’re more pure hilarity than you’ll find anywhere else in this broken, hateful world.

    There should be better image results when searching for Sup Your Face.

    I’ve been listening to Electric Six’s album Senor Smoke while writing this.




    2 responses to “The future is in the future.”

    1. Scritty the lulzologist

      Also way to fail at linking pics. You could just save it and then upload it.

    2. They really don’t have a siglne person working at IGN who likes Gundam? What the hell is wrong with these nerds! Back in the day Gundam was a neccessity for your typical nerd, these guys don’t even know what the hell it is. Damn shame.

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