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  • Lakers go up 3-2, credit cards companies take it up the a, and Haruhi is here (don’t call it a comeback)

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 Cibo 3 comments

    You will have to pardon me while I try to curb my enthusiasm, maybe Fox would be so kind as to cancel me in my prime too, but it has been one of my few non-shitty weeks. I shall try and speak only briefly on the topic of basketball or I will be forced to endure IM’s from Scritty telling me “stfu about failball” along with the usual things he’d to me whilst inebriated.

    haruhi approved credit

    I’m totally going to rape the banks yo

    One of the few things I don’t hate about my city, besides the weather, is the basketball team here. LA, much like mother nature in only supporting the favorite of the litter while the rest are dropped to their death, supports one basketball team here, the Lakers. Good team to watch, though they play just the way LA residents are, flakes. Hopefully, Lakers will win game 6 in Denver, however, their decade plus of institutional inconsistency makes me feel otherwise.


    Nice hustle but don’t be getting up in my space bro.

    Now onto the other thing giving me a reason to wake up in the afternoon, the credit card companies are getting what they deserve for fucking over people who use credit cards for years. I’m not a big fan of government interference in the market or mandated regulation, but really, these fags had it coming. The shit they did with fucking with billing cycles, raising interest rates without notice and unlimited overcharge fees was too much. And reading through the bill, the provisions are pretty reasonable. Little bit on the coddling side. Congress did miss a lot of stuff that still needs to be dealt with, like credit companies profiling buyer behavior and using that as a reason for increasing interest rates. Or, putting in a way to insure payments are there on-time. Yet, it’s a good effort.

    A kudos to you Mr. President for the bill. Now, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Terminator, can we do something about the fucking cops here in LA? I’m seriously tired of getting 3 parking tickets in 2 hours. If we get this issue square, maybe we can talk about the arbitrary enforcement of speed limits too.


    All right it’s Cibo, it’s time to fuck him over again!

    Lastly, there’s Haruhi. When the Spring choice for season MWA(most watchable anime) was dead set on K-on, out comes a fan from the stands, and our current camp takes a tire iron to the face resulting in an scene that has been referred to by critics as “Gruesome”, “Horrific”, and “Dude is that pink cantaloupe?”. Yes, as I was about to write off Spring as playoff of between K-On! vs K-On!, Haruhi, hailed as a God by some, not me since MY God is destined to kill me in a painfully brutal manner (Seriously, I thought a Piano or something was going to come out of nowhere and kill me after I got my college acceptance letter), is here to claim her crown.

    There’s no shame in being runner-up, expect being a loser.

    Basically, like my life, nothing much has happen within the last 3 years. The story picks up right were it left off, doing crazy shit while girls cry from being molested (physically and psychological). Still an awesome show that deserves to be watched if you like anime. If not, well w/e, go back to American Idol for all I care.

    Kadokawa or Kyoani whoever is to blame for the 3 year production time, you guys fail in: 1) taking so damn long, 2)fucking launching the second season in the middle of season one repeats. Let’s kill any sort of build up or promotional buzz by putting something cool in a pile of less than palatable substance. From what I gather, the season 2 episodes are still part of the first season in terms of storyline. So at some point, you’re going to see fucking reruns in the new season. That’s like almost as disappointing as waiting for the Matrix sequel and then getting the Matrix sequel.


    Bad times.


    Going a little bit of an off tangent. When I was doing research for an anime video streaming business plan (scrapped for a variety of reasons), I found that between TV broadcast rights and overseas licensing of the series, the anime production companies break even at best . Which isn’t to say that’s an insignificant amount of money, but for the most part  the actual production of anime is an assumed loss. What it comes down to it is, the whole business model for anime is making characters for whoring out merchandise. Those 16 anime vocal CD’s, the Kannagi curry, the Mio pantsu Kleenex, that is what brings in the bucks. Like any good brand, you have to keep it relevant, this is where the Haruhi copyright holders had failed despite the huge amount of goodwill associated with the brand. I really don’t know what’s up with Kadokawa, they do some cool marketing things with YouTube, but then forget the basics, like you know, not fucking over your customers by trolling them several times over the years.


    Mio Pantsu


    But, overall a strong showing this week. Next week, things will be back to normal with me cursing my existence again.

    So an adieu to you as I now go back to the process of shoving needles into my dick, or what I call “dealing with bureaucracy”, as I continue to try and get my student loans set up with a school I have to call fucking between 1AM-9AM.



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    1. It’s almost like you don’t realise that everything can be explained as “people are retarded”.
      Edit – Also, fuck your bouncyballs.

    2. You’ve imressepd us all with that posting!

    3. Lucky Star ist ja jetzt keine Show, die vor Details nur so strotzt, die DVDs sehen auch wrclkiih nicht schlecht aus, wenn ich sie hier selber vom Player hochskalieren lasse. Daher wfcrde ich mir nur als absolutet extremer Fan, der ich nicht bin, die BDs kaufen. Musst du halt selber wissen, ob sich das lohnt, ich sage nein.Ich he4tte mich aber gefreut bzw. ich dachte, dass die Serie in HD produziert wurde.

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