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  • I love reading books.

    Posted on May 12th, 2009 Scritty 4 comments

    I’m a big fan of the written word.

    Mildly exclusive to Fantasy or Science-Fiction, though. I’ve been known to venture into more realistic works, but I don’t like staying in worlds where there isn’t something awesome happening.

    See? Awesome. Awesomnomnom.

    See? Awesome. Awesomnomnom.

    So today we get to take a look at The Dresden Files.

    I just picked up the first three books in the series from my favorite bookstore, Time Out. It’s a special place. It has a cat (Oscar). A bookstore with a cat. That’s really rare nowadays.

    The Dresden Files series follows a chap called Harry Dresden. It’s set in Chicago, circa today. He’s a Wizard, and a PI. So, this series focuses on his PI-ing less ordinary cases. There’s the thing with the dude ripping people’s hearts out long-range, the one with the werewolves, and I’ve started reading No3, the one with the ghosts n’stuff.

    This book tickles me in all the right places. It’s got a perfect main character (redeemed from darkness, jaded and tired, dedicated to protecting…). It’s like a Vimes novel, where Vimes can blow a ravening werewolf through a city block on a spike of fire.

    I like the idea of blowing things right through a city block on a spike of fire.

    Did you know searching google for firesplosion yields nothing good? People need to think more awesome-like when naming things.

    Anywhos, welcome to Nukees, a comic about Berkley nuclear physics students. It’s been going since 1997.

    I like the idea of giant mechanical ants.

    I like the idea of giant mechanical ants.

    I’m listening to a band you’ve probably never heard of, and they’re awesome.


    4 responses to “I love reading books.”

    1. Thanks for not sharing the band you douche.

    2. aww, now I’m really curious. What’s the band’s name?

    3. on June 7, 2011 Heh. I was a GM for 16 years. Same campaign. Mostly the same pleyras too. (For 9.5 years or os in Houston and then I moved to Austin and ran an edited/rebooted version of the first campaign for the rest.) Loved it. Only quit running D&D when the writing career took off. Now my husband and I play in a group (that I don’t run) on Wednesday nights. It’s our date’ night.D&D is a great training ground for writers, imho. George RR Martin and Bruce Sterling are two notable writers who both table-top/pen and pencil gamed.

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