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  • Pig plague Pandemic of phun!

    Posted on April 30th, 2009 Cibo 3 comments

    Well I must thank my loveable sociopath/psychopath scritty for holding down the fort while I fucked around on programming assignments along with dealing with the amazement of getting some acceptances from UK business schools. It’s shocking that admissions people can choose candidates based on what classes you took and how well you did in them, instead of some test which is only has at best a 41% correlation with your 1st year grades.

    I digress, I do believe that I am under the assumption that I should be shitting bricks from a pseudo plague.


    2005 Corrupted blood plague. Another plague for the lulz


    As much as I hate the mainstream media, I’m loving the level of panic they’re creating at worldwide scale. I seriously think the World Health Organization are in on the Lulz too since they just released a video saying, “Yeah we know nothing about this shit, but you should be scurred”. I can already see the hypochondriacs of the world overjoyed hearing they have another reason to annoy their doctor for drugs that will more likely cause liver failure than anything else. 

    Besides the fact that Swine flu is more of a Hodge podge of flu strains with 1 part human, 1 part avian, 2 parts swine flu, YOU DON’T GET SWINE FLU FROM EATING PORK. And you don’t get it from pigs at this point, the current strain is a human to human flu virus. Dumbfucks.

    Moving right along, It seems that the origins of the virus were flies that hung around pig shit in Mexico. Mexico being one of the biggest pieces of shit, it doesn’t take a crippled genius in a wheel-chair to figure out the potential connection  (Get well quickly sweet prince *sniff*)


    I  G E T  T H E  B I T C H E S   Y O !


    And to all you smug Jews and Muslims out there thinking because you don’t eat pork that you’ll be fine, you can be rest assured that you still can get sick and recover after 7 days like the rest of us. Then again, Jews are probably immune to the virus due to its poverty seeking attributes.


    Can’t be stopping us mother fuckers when we get our Chozzer on shitfaces

    (yes, I looked up Jewish sayings just for this caption)


    Based on reports, it’s been chronicled that people in developing (aka shitty) countries get infected more and die more from the virus than not shit countries. The virus seems to hate poor people much like Fox hates my beloved Terminator:SC. I must say that I am rather impressed that a virus can just smell the broke ass on someone. Beware Africa, you’re next, that is of course if you haven’t died from a billion other things.


    The classic video game based on living in Africa


    Anywho, what makes the WHO nervous about this flu is that there is the potential the virus could mutate into a more deadly form or cause an outbreak like 1918. But, this is perhaps before people had these cool new fangled doohickey antiviral drugs. Who knew genetic sequencing of fungus  was so OP on germs.

    In the mean time, let’s get easily influenced retarded nations to kill all their pigs for NO GOOD FUCKING REASON ROFL


    I’m tired brother.

    Keep fucking swimming or they’ll kill us all!


    Pigs spotted sir! Commencing Operation Pork chops


    Egypt killing 300,000 pigs.

    Effectiveness: 0         Lulz: immeasurable

    The WHO did it for the lulz

    To take our mind off of the mass murdering of our swine friends, I’d like to share some pics of K-On!

    a11fc56aa0bb8c2e6cca1c4091770099 015


    That is all.


    3 responses to “Pig plague Pandemic of phun!”

    1. I fucking loved Doom.

    2. I fucking love nuking pigs.

    3. “Egypt killing 300,00 pigs,
      Effectiveness: 0 Lulz: immeasurable”

      priceless hehe

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