Fucking shit, I'll call you back
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  • Die, just die, you asshats.

    Posted on April 22nd, 2009 Scritty 2 comments

    Fuck has completely lost it’s fucking meaning these days. People aren’t offended by it, it doesn’t have any impact. It’s overused by children.

    If I want to have an impact these days when speaking, if you want something to HIT someone, I find explaining something horrible in a deadpan tone with a straight face works well.

    Other people might find this a little disturbing, but fuck ’em.

    Example – You’re discussing a firewall issue with someone else. They’re obviously not paying attention.

    “Well, he changed the SNMP strings. Now we have ICMP monitoring of the device. It’s still sending correlated events to HPOV, but if you cut the skin off a kitten it can still stay alive for up to two, maybe three hours. You can sit there staring at it, listen to it’s pathetic mewling until it finally expires. Whenever I see that, I think of what a human child would look like in the same state”

    Would a baby look neat skinless?

    Wouldn't a baby look neat skinless?

    Etc. Captures the attention once they tune back into the conversation.

    So, I quite like a lot of webcomics, so I’m going to start talking about some of ’em in here. Until I get tired of plugging ’em, anyway.

    Today you lucky skinned babies get http://picturesforsadchildren.com

    Living in John Campbells head would be awesome.

    Living in John Campbell's head would be awesome.

    The simple (yet somehow wonderfully expressive, so you know it’s amazing) art works so obscenely well with the dialogue. I want to have John’s manbabies.

    I may not even skin them.


    2 responses to “Die, just die, you asshats.”

    1. I feel so much happier now I unstndeard all this. Thanks!

    2. on 01/31/2013 at 02:06One one of the reasons why it’s unuiqe in design is that its derived from the grunt suits (Leo). Like, Stein remodelled to Sinanju. It was never a Gundam type.Syd, the suit is tailored to a Ace so that he could catch up to a Gundam during a fight. Think of Gundam 00 (if seen the series same concept as in Wing) a Gundam was far too superior for a Flag. So they upgraded a single Flag to custom Flag. -A 1/144 Tallgeese was my first kit in the Gundam Wing line. I painted it and so, over time the paint ate him away and accidents happened, he broke, etc. Very cool to see Scotts kit in one piece. Really well painted (unlike mine when I painted it at a very young age).Seeing the new MG kit, I wonder if they do the LEO since they have the same body type. It’d be like spawning a range of Zaku’s kits but for LEO, MERCURIUS and VAYEATE

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