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  • Gundam s2 25, it’s like a flock of geese being sucked up by an airplane propeller.

    Posted on April 5th, 2009 Cibo 4 comments

    Well, the end is here. Gundam is over. No more unintentional lulz, no more homotography, no more “wait didn’t that fucker die last week?”. It’s a sad time, but don’t be sad, more lulz are on the way.


    If I was a pro photoshoper, that would be a Gundam.

    I have to say, that the monkeys may be retarded, but that doesn’t mean they hate shiny things. The fights in this episode were badass. I wanted to go fucking punch a cop after watching this shit it was so awesome, which is a step above kicking a dog on my rankings list.


    Man, I wish that was a cop.

    Gundam 00 s25

    The mechs ripped up so much shit. They broke those mechs, and then they fucking used a second set of suits to rip up more shit. That’s a the way a fight should be.


    And to top it all off, it was pretty fucking pro the way Lock-on capped his dude.

    gunam s2 25 2snapshot20090405171448snapshot20090405220418

    That doesn’t mean there wasn’t dumbass shit that was just hilarious. Besides named after a RPG spell, “Healing" is an internet tough guy,


    “Bitches don’t know about my Gundam”


    But much like any internet tough guy, they’re cool kids till you punch them in the spleen like a champ. Then, they blubber like a bitch and piss their pants while in the fetal position. It was quite lulzy.


    Fuck, I’d be shitting bricks too if a naked gay ghost appeared in my Gundam.

    Also, the narration from the Princess of Craplackistand was incredibly dumb. There’s nothing more annoying than someone telling you, “DON’T BE SAD, BE HAPPY!”, when they spent their whole lives doing jack shit and basically sat on their ass.

    Come on, cheer up mother fucker or we’ll beat you some more.

    After all the action,I liked how the episode kind of eased out and showed what happened to the cast afterwards. 


    Marina like a super star of failure, hasn’t stopped her fail streak yet. Ignoring the fact that women in the Middle East can’t even drive a car, not like they should anyway, let alone lead a country, it’s hilarious that Marina’s great achievement was putting her country on welfare. Congrats, on having the same value to the world economy as the drunk pissing on the sidewalk.

    drunk cat

    Give me a minute and I’ll drop an economic stimulus.



    Overlooking another fact since the dude should have been dead for like the umpteenth time, I think it’s nice there was at least one heterosexual marriage in this show. That is a chick right? … well, close enough I guess.


    Didn’t the last Batman movie say that?


    I think only Sunrise would pull something as lame as, IT’S ALL FOR THE ALIENS! while having a naked guy floating to the camera. I bet those aliens are going to be riding intergalactic penises when they make their entrance.


    So when Sunrise makes a sequel, I can’t see how anything good can come from this. I’m not sure if the movie will be a recap of the series or a new story. I hope it’s at least a new story. But, either way I hate watching movies of anime series. The movies seem to rush shit too much. And, I don’t see how you can add aliens to the story with any sort of cohesiveness, which I guess really isn’t that important anyway since we’re talking Sunrise.

    That said, I’m pleased with the ending. Sunrise does have an ability to put the train back on the tracks right at the end. Gundam 00 had better writing than Code Geass, but that’s like watching porn for the acting. Put it this way, I’d buy the Code Geass DVD’s to show to my friends. Gundam 00, I’ll just watch by myself because they’d think I was gay if I showed them this. That is not to say they already have questions.


    I still don’t know who the fuck that is



    4 responses to “Gundam s2 25, it’s like a flock of geese being sucked up by an airplane propeller.”

    1. Well, now I’m dead certain i’m not gonna watch the Gundam series. Nice lulz btw

    2. The only good dynasty waorirrs gundam was the first one 2 was alright even with its shit terrible camera angle and dumb mission modes, but 3 just sucks. I want a real gundam game like we got back on the ps2.

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