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  • HI, I’m Billy Mays and I’m here to talk you about Gundam 00 S2 24

    Posted on March 29th, 2009 Cibo 1 comment

    As, I finish up my Integrated Marketing Course, most likely with an A, I think it’s fitting that I end it on Billy Maze. Wtf who’s this douche? I’m going to pretend you care and tell you.


    As I came back late from….. ok fuck it, I woke up from sleeping all day, I caught like the middle of Leno. Billy Mays comes out from backstage and does his skit of selling some lame shit in OVERLY ENTHUSIASTIC VOICE! See Billy Mays is the Tool of tools, the Michael Jordon of selling out, doucheist douche of the land. He is so goddamn annoying. This guy has trained every waking minute to sell you useless shit you don’t fucking need. The only one who could dare claim heir to the infomercial king’s throne is the Shamwow mother fucker.


    It’s like his eyes are piercing your soul and then absorbing it with SHAMWOW!


    Side Note: Shamwow dude got busted for punching a prostitute, which is of course awesome. I always knew the dude was a coke user. And it stands to reason that if you’re using coke, you’re banging whores because hookers and blow go together like peas and carrots. I guess there are people who don’t love his nuts, and for that they must die.


    Anyway so back to Billy. We talked about this dude in my marketing class so much. The guy makes fucktons of money by being a complete and utter sell out. While many in this society have of course sold out, few have gotten their own show for selling out as well as him.

    In short, I hate my life.


    “But wait, there’s more!”


    On that note, we move onto more randomness about useless shit. Gu, Gu, Gundam!

     car-crash Gundam on Broadway


    So Gundam 00 lives up to the disappointment so far. For starters, everyone is shot and then comes back later,




    head shot  


    So true.


    Building a clone army, what every villain has on their to-do list.



    Trans Am ad ridiculous


    Lulz Missile Command

    So many things I would do with a clone army that would not include sending them all into the meat grinder.


    That takes me back to my childhood.



    Seriously, I am fucking sick of that stupid bitch Marina or w/e her fucking name is. She’s done nothing for 2 whole goddamn seasons. She’s a fucking princess of a country that got blown up because she just sat on her ass, bitching and whining about how life is so unfair (like most people on facebook or w/e WEB 2.0 thingie)

    She has been relegated to fucking taking care of dumbass kids and she fucking fails at that too. Why the fuck are you taking kids into goddamn space!?!?!?! ARE YOU SHITTING ME!!?! There’s so many things you can’t have around kids: plastic objects, sharp objects, metal objects, toxic objects, strangers, open power sockets, pedobear, pokemon, etc.etc. There are so many fucking things that can kill kids and we take the little shits into space? Wow, I bet child services would revoke your parenting license if it wasn’t for the fact everyone in your country died because you’re princess of FAIL-land, which is of course in the Middle East.


    Nothing quite like 80’s PSA’s

    I also think it’s lame that Gundam is basically just using canned shit from Code Geass for their ending. Blah, blah, blah, PUT YOUR HATE ON US, STAND UP TOGETHER,


       this is supposed to be srs!

    The more I watch Gundam 00, the more I miss Code Geass and it’s Bunny girls, Pizza hut whoring, maid swimsuits, CC cosplay and mech riding with ass viewing camera angles. Fuck you Sunrise for making the Gundam pilots all male, and that btw is a generous use of “male”.


    “I just, needed a hug. I made a bunch of weapons that killed a lot of people because I just needed a hug from my alcoholic boo.”

    So cute!


    Alright we have Last boss material. But, I’m betting this is only the first form and there’s 2 more after that with a bazillion more hit points. Also after the 2nd form, the boss will use Meter and shit all over your whole party.



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    1. This shits hilarious Cibo, keep it up.

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