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  • Feeling decidedly *political* of late.

    Posted on March 23rd, 2009 Scritty 3 comments

    “Feeling political” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  For me, it’s spending time paying attention to governments.

    Wow this shit’s really fucking depressing. Goddamn.

    For the naive,  a government is a group of people who start out having good ideas, who present plans on how to make things work to people’s satisfaction, and then fuck everyone over. Good examples include:

    *The United States Government

    *Robert Mugabe

    *The Government of Australia.

    We’re all aware of the horrific failiures in common sense that the US has made, so let’s examine Aussie for now. I’d discuss Mugabe, but I get kinda pissed off about Zimbabwe.

    Australia seems to be trying to emulate China of late.  Mainly in terms of The Great Firewall of China. The Australian Communications and Media Authority, or ACMA, has been putting together an “intarwebz blacklist” with the stated purpose of blovking child pornography sites to Australian internet users.  Technically it *sounds* reasonable, but politicians use phrases like “child pornography” to justify all sorts of things. Like the recently leaked ACMA blacklist. Oh my but the cat came out of the bag on this one. Blocked sites include a dentist, a couple of bus companies and a school canteen operator. What the hell.

    The AMCA has no review process. Interns working there on graduate programs can instantly ban any site, permanently, for any reason they see fit. Operators of blocked websites are not informed they have been blocked. An online poker site’s CEO is furious that his completely legal site was blocked. It’s cost his company tens of millions of dollars in revenue. The Dentist? He’s rather pissed too – He should be, the ACMA’s just associated him with peddlers of kiddy fiddling pictures.

    Oh, that list of blocked sites? It now includes Wikileaks. Go figure, a site that critisised the Australian government got blocked. Aussie’s joining a group of countries that includes China, Syria, North Korea and Iran. After a lot of public outcry over this ridiculous filter (which will be mandatory for internet users in Australia in the next couple of years), the ACMA pointed out that they had the right to fine any Australian website that published the list 11,000 dollars and then shut it down permanently. Any Australian who wishes to have a webpage should host it outside his own country or risk losing it.

    That’s the end of the post. No summing up, no ending statement. Governments really can’t be fucking trusted, they don’t have your best interests at heart. They’re run by people, just that and nothing more. Weak, stupid, people, just like most of the fuckers on this planet.


    3 responses to “Feeling decidedly *political* of late.”

    1. what an emo

    2. I was so looking forward to hearing something about the US Government and R. Mugabe. Good points about the Aussie though

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