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  • Serving the beat downs online (SF 4) and taking time to watch the train crash, e.g Gundam 00

    Posted on March 8th, 2009 Cibo 1 comment

    So I’ve been playing Street fight 4, to the point my ex-Warcraft buddy text’d me to “Stop being a fucking asian and quit playing SF4”. Now I think he’s just butt hurt about me not playing WoW anymore with him. I have to say after logging in a good couple of weeks of online play, I can say it’s good, a little overrated, but still good. The guilty gear-ist special move cancel is a fucking pain to pull of on a failbox 360 pad. I’m surprised I’ve done so well with such a shitty, shitty thing.

    Too bad I’m too cheap to buy a joystick, even though I’m sure it would help my game. I know I’m going to break the pad at some point because nothing pisses me off more than fucking up a move due to the pad; and to a lesser extent someone quitting on me at the last second before i get the win. I’ve thrown my pad really fucking hard a couple of times.

    The SF 4:Tournament Edition looks pretty nice, except for the rip off price due to the low scale production. Mad Catz really fucked up their demand predictions. They could have charged less and produced more, but they underestimated demand horribly and lost a chance to really make a lot of money. This is in addition to just pissing me off from being sold out everywhere too.

    Anyway, good game but I like some of the other Street fighters a little more. The graphics really brings the game to a new generation, even though it’s the same engine for the most part. Also for a game that’s trying to be accessible to everyone, it’s pretty far away from that. But, whatever it’s still fun for me.

    Rating: +B (for people who like to judge)

    Anyway so Gundam 00 is almost done. Much like it’s spiritual brother Code Geass, its script is shit. I mean the script feels like it’s been thrown together by a bunch of monkey’s with downsyndrom who sniffed glue. There’s no consistency and shit comes out of nowhere. It fills like Sunrise writes the script every week not really remembering what happened the previous week. If you watch the show weekly, it doesn’t feel so bad. But, when you watch it in a marathon session, it’s like driving a scotch tape car on the freeway, you can just see it go to shit in front of your eyes.


    The plot started out with the fairly feasible 3 power blocs each with their own solar generator. I particularly believed the middle east becoming like Africa (minus the AIDS) after the rest of the world didn’t need oil. Now, we got the gay space brigade with names that all fucking sound like they’re pulled from a homoerotic porno. At least with Code Geass you knew 5 mins into the first episode you were going to get train pain. Gundam 00 is like watching a porn with a hot chick doing a guy and then the girl turns into a guy and fucks another guy with a close up of the ass pounding. Then, the guys die of AIDS and we have a new chick, though less hot.

    Absolutely not gay, nope

    I don’t know, I felt Code Geass was more fun. Especially since I could log onto some blog and everyone would be like “ZOMG WTF GEASS!”. Gundam has that but I think the characters are kind of lacking in personality. If anything, you can argue that the CG characters were “fabulous”.

    That pose is ravishing

    So as we wind down to a mass kill off of the Gundam cast, I poison your cat salute you Sunrise, no one can make anime as stupidly done as you and yet hold my attention so. It’s like 24 but without a badass main character who punches people in the face for no reason.

    Side note: this season of 24 is pretty good, a definite improvement over the last. About fucking time the terrorists attacked something out of LA. I mean LA will take careful itself naturally, you don’t need the terrorists.

    Btw, I like number 3


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    1. Totally talking about me in the first paragraph. I’m going to watch this pile of shit anime now just to laugh to myself while I cry masturbating.

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