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  • The good times aren’t killing me.

    Posted on February 27th, 2009 Scritty No comments

    Unlike Modest Mouse. I love Good News for People Who Love Bad News. (Black Cadillacs RAWR)

    Had my cat put down today, sadface. Dropped Chris (my father) off at the airport, he’s heading to Canadia (yes, I do mean to spell it that way) for a skiing holiday. Lucky bastard. Still dealing with him and Katherine (mumsie dearest) splitting because she’s decided she’s in love with a poor italian waiter. I maintain this is because of the “that’s sooooo romantic!” part of the situation. Also my cousister (cousin + sisterfriend person) had a cancer care thing because of a lump on her thigh. turns out it’s just a weird hematoma, but she had to get an MRI to figure that out.

    NOW, off the topic of random life shit that every blog has, here’s the AWESOME part where I’m AWESOME. FUCKYEAH.

    Something everyone should do in their life – Cross dress and enjoy it.


    Go dress up like a chick and RAWK THE FUCK OUT. Put some effort into it, obviously. If you need to slim down to look more feminine, do it. Shave your legs, get a pretty dress and some nice shoes, do your hair up and get a nice looking choker. You’ll feel sexy as SHIT once you get over the “lol i’m such a fag” part of it and you’re guaranteed to pull. Not that I bother, my interest in sex is nearly zero. I just don’t like other people :3

    CONTRARY to popular belief, yes, you can be perfectly happy single. I massively prefer it to constantly dealing with someone else’s shit.

    And sex? Not a big deal. Really, it isn’t. People who are complaining because they haven’t got laid? Whiners.

    Remember kids – Excessive self confidence and an appreciation of the ridiculous makes your life better.


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