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  • I hate Celebrity Causes

    Posted on February 21st, 2009 Cibo 1 comment

    I hate almost all of the what’s, what of celebrity news. I try my best to avoid all that crap just as I avoid Wal-Mart and its shoppers. I, however, am I man who is trying to stay informed and up to date the world. Therefore, every once in a while I will come into contact with entertainment news much in the way one would step in dog shit.


    As I just read on the Yahoo News, Rihanna is taking a stand against Chris Brown. She’s talking about how she’s going to be a representative for ALL women when she does this. Ok, I like the idea of helping others, but this sort of thing only happens after the fact. She wasn’t going out there championing the cause when she loved her man. Nor was Melissa Etheridge singing songs about breast cancer until it happened to her.

    I understand these are bad things.Yet, celebrities only care when it concerns them. It’s all very self-serving. Then when they’re done with the problem, they kind of stop talking about the cause – though they still write the check sometimes for the tax deduction.

    So what’s your point? They are conceited attention whores who should be thanking God (who they hate) they have a job which pays them so much despite their skill sets being limited to looking hot and remembering a page of words at a time. Amazingly, I did this when I was like 4.


    But, I will give my props to the handful of celebrities that are actually doing shit which doesn’t put themselves into the cause like Bono. Though he makes up for being a dick in other ways.


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