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  • Clich(FUNNY E THING)d witty title.

    Posted on February 20th, 2009 Scritty 1 comment

    So Seebo (as I call him) aka Ninjabastard (odd name, as I’m the actual bastard and more of a ninja than he is) and I would like to go into business at some stage. (And by business, I mean licking each other’s elbows).

    …I actually mean start a company, but the elbow offer is on the table.

    Hence why I’m working as a highly technical network ops chappie for a powerful multinational, and he’s sitting on his ass. Such is life. But it’s fun to discuss business plans. He’s the one who can actually deal with, as it were, business things. I prefer hiding in a server room playing with VM settings and reconfiguring routers. Plus I like the cold (at work here, I’ve got the aircon on 18 degrees). Bending my head around putting together a business plan would BREAK MY SOUL.

    Break it. Like a carrot stuck in a beaker of liquid carbon dioxide and then slammed with a brick. I cringe when I have to deal with the finance dept here (which is why I’m owed $500 that I’m not sure I’ll ever get, the hoops are ridiculous).

    Shit, where was I? Business!

    We’ve got a business plan for a company to distribute anime in a few countries. It’s fairly well laid out, so if you want to invest $2,000,000 into something fun, feel free to throw it our way.

    Returns should either be high, low, or negative. Or all three.

    Thought for the day – Wouldn’t it be fun to ram a barn with a tractor?


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    1. Wow IGN you fucking suck go drool over your shtity biased games, if you want to keep viewers, you better stop spouting shit because people pay you to do it and start speaking the truth. Or just die.

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