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  • “You know, I probably should run a scan on that first….”

    Posted on February 15th, 2009 Cibo 1 comment

    Like many things in life, I regret my actions after I fucked up. Especially, when I knew this was going to happen.



    I went around looking to download Dreamweaver since I can’t program and I still hate the banner image. Dreamweaver was pretty good the last time I used it like 6-7 years ago so I figured there’d be some cool upgrades to make life easier for non-programmer web tards, e.g. me.

    So I download the torrent named “ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CS 4 + KEYGEN”. In general, capslock means you’re getting something bad. Be it retard speak, viruses, email spam, etc. Now, I know that there’s like an over 9000% chance of getting a trojan in these things, I was at least hoping I’d get the program in return. Of course, I should have fucking ran a virus scan FIRST. But, so like me I think, “Meh, I’ll deal with the problems as they come up”.




    So here I am running a virus scan with my network unplugged and writing this post which I will upload after the scan.  I also look forward to writing out my passwords in long strings like this “asd4a5646asf” and picking out the correct letter/numbers for the next week or so until I’m less paranoid. Though on the plus side, I think Norton stopped a lot of the shenigens before they could occur. In addition, the “PULL THE PLUG NOW!” strategy probably adds another level of security. Too bad all the A.I. designers in the future never seem to implement this into their programming before the machines go on a killing spree.



    One response to ““You know, I probably should run a scan on that first….””

    1. I’ve tried numerous cotanct scripts on youtube, and this one WORKED! Mind you, you need to be minimally programming savvy, in order to create the actual cotanct form. You need to make sure the names of your fields are matching to the fields on the form process, and make sure your cotanct page goes to the form process script. Then, if your php compatible host is set up on the internet, you should have a working cotanct form. Thank you mr scottish man!

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