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  • Maria + Holic, warp to 6

    Posted on February 14th, 2009 Cibo No comments

    It’s time for the first anime post. ZOMG. I’m a reasonable person, if you haven’t seen it before 6, you really shouldn’t be reading a blog post about it. If you’re anything close to me, you watch the episode first and then read the comments on the blog so you won’t get any spoilers. This of course made me wonder why people even bother summarizing the episode. Most people probably just saw the episode and are now looking for some second-hand lulz. It’s the closet thing Americans have  towards “ a shared experience” since the US media has been lacking a long time.

    I will give a brief run down of important points of series until now

    Mariya hot

    maria_04_02 snapshot20090214070150 snapshot20090214070648


    The crotch check, the only guaranteed anti-trap device (I could so manage that brand)

    Traps would agree, can't beat the touch

    Matsurika being ever the joyful spirit.

    Matsurika, you go girl!

    some crap not involving Mariya


    God (now in loli with nekomimi)

    Loli of doom

    More crap not involving Mariya


    Alright, we’re now at 6.

    burn bitch

    Overall, I like the show but there needs to be less of the yuri school girl stuff. More focus needs to be on Mariya, Matsurika, and, to a lesser extend, on God – fuck you atheists. It’s meh till one of those shows up. Yes, I know Mariya is a dude, but (s)he is drawn like a chick, voiced by a chick, and is more feminine than many girls in LA (dress? what’s that?). It reminds me of something similar happening IRL. Here I am at Rocky Horror with my bud and I see this “chick”. Now, I thought (s)he was pretty hot. I started talking with her/him and of course found out quite quickly the error of my judgment. Now, the problem was after I talked to him/her, I was still staring at him/her. I was like “fuck, fuck” every time I did. Nowadays, I just don’t care anymore. If it looks like Column A, as long as I’m not touching it, it’s cool to look at.

    Another note worthy thing pre-episode 6 is the Virtual Boy Exemption Rule. Apparently the Dorm Master thought it suffered such a tragic fate she gave it a pass in the contraband category. Tragic? More like awesomatic. I remember playing with that shit back when I was still sorting foods into eatable and death. I remember playing Mario on the VB. No, not even Super Mario 1 from NES type Mario, I’m talking the arcade one. Playing Back to the Future old school Mario in seizure-vision blew my fucking mind as a kid. I didn’t even care about the fact that when I rented it from Blockbuster I had a 1000% chance of getting Eye Cancer.

    Anyway now that were at episode 6. We see Mariya has a sister and now the shame just washes away.


    Oni-sama, IJIMEKOOOOOOOOOOO! (Lit. poopyhead)

    Ah-re? (how not to exit)

    This still doesn’t top the dude running into the glass full speed in the college dining hall, getting up as nothing happened, and then walking out. There was still forehead prints on the glass. BUT HE WASN’T CUTE!


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